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Rama Sethu

Rama Sethu – Ramar palam mentioned in the great epic Srimad Ramayanam by Maharishi Valmiki as ‘Sethu Bandhanam’ . This bridge is 18 miles (30km) long and separate Gulf of Munnar from Palk straight was built by the Vanara Sena (Monkey army) of Lord Rama. Lord Rama with his army consists of the chief Anjaneya(Hanuman), Nalan; Neelan, Angadhan, Jambavan etc... Constructed a stone bridge across the ocean to reach Lanka and rescue Goddess Sita from the clutches of demon King Ravana. 

Lord Hanuman writing "Ram" on the stones before the bridge construction.

Sea god appointed Nala, son of Vishvakarma to help Rama's troop to build a bridge. Vanaras started collecting big stones and wrote Sri Rama's name on them. When they throw them in the ocean, they started floating. On Nala's supervision they were building a bridge on ocean to reach Lanka. 

Ravana had a mermaid daughter by name Sovann Matcha. When Ravana saw that vanaras building a bridge to cross the ocean, he ordered his daughter to take her companions and destroy the bridge. So Sovann Matcha along with her companions were removing the stones one by one without vanara's notice. One day some of the vanaras called Hanuman and explained him that the stones thrown by them were being missed with in some time. Hanuman took some vanaras with him and went inside ocean and observed that a large number of mermaids were taking the rocks and carrying away as soon as they tossed by vanaras. Hanuman looked for their leader and found Matcha. He tried to attack her but being mermaid she was very skilful in swimming. She was evading him very easily. Finally Hanuman gave up and asked her why she is doing this. She explained him that she is daughter of Ravana and she is following Ravana's orders. Hanuman explained her how Ravana kidnapped Sita and Matcha decided to help them. All mermaids returned the rocks and the bridge was built within seven days. Once bridge is built, Rama and his vanarasena reached Lanka through it. 

According to epic Ramayana, this bridge was built more than 1.75 million years ago to assist lord Rama in crossing the Indian Ocean to reach sri lanka where he fought the war with King Ravana to free her wife ‘sita’ incarcerated by king Ravana. This bridge made of floating stones can still be seen between India and sri lanka from Rameshwaram, the place where Lord ram prayed to lord Shiva and started the construction of the bridge. 

Scientific Study: 

The bridge’s unique curvature and composition by age reveals that it is manmade. The legends as well as Archeological studies reveal that the first signs of human inhabitants in Sri Lanka date back to the a primitive age, about 1,750,000 years ago and the bridge’s age is also almost equivalent. This information is a crucial aspect for an insight into the mysterious legend called Ramayana, which was supposed to have taken place in treta yuga (more than 1,700,000 years ago). 

Rama Sethu location & Map View Here

Strange fact about these floating stones is that they are found only on the coastal regions of rameshwaram. These stones are similar to any other stone and possess the same features, physical and chemical composition like the stone you may find in your locality. Seeing these stones from a far distance, you may feel that this stone is made of corals but on physical examination, it is found that this is not a coral stone and it has same 40 kind of chemical compositions, like you find in a normal stone 

G Mohan Das, a historian, priest and caretaker of the stones, said the following words on this stone. 
“We believe there is no difference in these stones. Both the stones do not have air in them. The composition is the same and it has 40 kinds of chemicals”. 

NASA's Satellite Observation of Sethu Bridge ( also known as adams bridge)

Also, floating stones of rameshwarm are not light weighted like pumice rocks and doesn’t have the chemical composition similar to pumice rocks. It might be possible that this is some special kind of heavy pumice rocks found only at rameshwaram but if this would have been the case, then it would have been confirmed by Indian archaeologists. According to visitors, some of the stones do look like pumice but are extremely heavy to be called as pumice. Also, colour of the pumice rocks is white or creamish in colour but there are many black floating stones in rameshwaram. 

Rama Sethu bridge construction depicted below

On immersing an object in a liquid, it displaces the liquid to occupy a small volume of space, earlier occupied by the liquid. An object floats on a liquid only when the weight of the liquid displaced by the object is equal or more than the Weight of the object itself. This also means that the amount of object immersed on the water depends upon the relative densities of the object and displaced liquid. For ex: only 90% of the ice floats on water and remaining 10% can be seen floating outside the water. This is why only stones which are very light weighted or are hollow or have air inside floats on water. Since there are air cavities inside stone, the weight of the water displaced by stone is more than the weight of the stones and hence, it allows the stone to float on top of water. A nice attempt but I find it extremely difficult to believe. Any normal stone of that size without any air cavities also weighs 15 kilograms, contradicts this theory. 

Everything is the creation of nature (God). There is an immediate cause and ultimate cause for each action. Whether these stones float due to air cavities or varying density, it just reveals the greatness of God. Scientist can only make assumptions but cannot perceive this vast creation, because this materialistic creation is beyond any logic and explanation. I believe it is not possible for human. Because even floating stone can’t stay in same place but will move on water. Without the blessings of Bhagavan SriRam it was not possible for others to build this bridge.

Jai Sri Ram


  1. This articles proves as to the engineering technology used in those ancient days, Now even top scientists investigating into its technology used in the built of Rama Sethu, could not come to a conclusion of the same. May be it is a divine power of Lord Ram, who is devotee of Lord Shiva. In such circumstances, how the human beings, created by god, could asses it, though they are high profile Engineers from NASA or who ever they?

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