Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lord Hanuman meeting Kaalnemi Raakshas

When Lakshmana was hurt in the war, Hanuman was on his way to the Himalayas to bring the sanjeevani Buti. 

In the meantime a spy informed Raavan about this. Raavan immediately sent one Kaalnemi named Raakshas to stop him bringing those herbs. Kaalnemi said to Raavan - "Who has burned your whole Lankaa, who can stop him from doing Lord Ram's work? Meditate upon He who controls Kaal. Who can win Him?" But Raavan didn't like his advice. So Kaalnemi thought it was better to die from Raam's messenger's hand instead of this Raakshas. 

Kaalnemi raakshas in the form of a muni (sage)

So he went and built a beautiful Maayaa Aashram and a pond in it, and he himself stayed there in the form of a Muni. Flying over that Aashram Hanumaan saw it, so he thought, "let me drink some cool water here and take rest then I will proceed further", so he got down and went to Muni and asked some water. Muni gave him some water from his Kamandal, but Hanumaan was not satisfied with such a small amount of water, so Kaalnemi pointed towards the pond for more water. 

Lord Hanuman meeting Kaalnemi raakshas

Hanumaan entered the pond, that a she-crocodile caught his feet. Hanumaan killed her. She changed into an Apsaraa. She said - "My all sins are washed away today after having your Darshan and my Shaap (curse) is also cleared. 

Hanuman drinking water in the pond

She-Crocodile turns in to an Apsara

Listen, this is not a Muni but is a Raakshas, believe Me." and went away. Hanumaan came back and killed that Raakshas and headed towards his destination.

Hanuman Kills Kaalnemi 

Jai Sri Ram

Friday, August 9, 2013

Significance of Hanuman Gada (Mace)

Hanuman Gada (Mace) is carried in the right hand of Lord Hanuman. It is a symbol of self-sovereinty, the authority of governance and the power to rule. The gada is the main weapon of the Hindu god Hanuman. 

The mace represents concentrated prana (life). Like earth moves around sun and gathers life force from it and stores it, similarly mace also moves around the body to gather life force to be used by its practitioner. It is considered a sign of bravery, immense physical strength, virility and radiance like the sun. 

The Mace that Hanuman is adorned with is not a physical weapon, but is symbolic of one who is the embodiment of moral and spiritual values. It is carried in the right hand as a symbol of self-sovereignty, authority of governance and the power to rule. 

To be adorned with this ornament, one must have complete control over the five organs of action, the five organs of perception and the five vices of anger, greed, ego, lust and attachment. 

When the mace is held in the right hand of the beholder in the upraised position, it means that there is agitation judgmental and controlling power is required to bring the situation to normalcy. 

When the mace is lowered and held relaxed from the right hand with its pointed tip just in front the right instep, it signifies that there is orderliness and contentment in the society. 

When the beholder sits in the meditative lotus position with the mace resting by his right side on the ground with the pointed end in full view, it is said that there is total peace, prosperity and happiness, where everyone is contented and there is an abundance of everything. 

There are vertical and horizontal lines on the mace of Lord Hanuman. The vertical lines represent the raja component, whereas the horizontal one's represent the tama component; thus the mace is a symbol of raja-tama, supported by sattva. A combination of raja-sattva signifies a warrior-spirit. That Lord Hanuman always carries a mace means His warrior-spirit is always active. The mace is also a symbol of Dissolution.

Jai Sri Ram 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lord Hanuman and Shani dev

There is a popular belief that worshiping Lord Hanuman will help in removing the hardships caused by Lord Shani or Saturn in astrology. People worship Lord Hanuman on Saturdays to remove the malefic influence of Lord Shani on their horoscope. There is an interesting story regarding why worshipping Hanuman will help in Shani Dosha or Sade Sati. 

Ravan, the demon-king Ramayana, had defeated all the Devas and had brought all the grahas (planets in astrology) under control. Ravana kept all the grahas (planets) suppressed beneath his leg. Ravana was also a great astrologer. When his eldest son, Indrajit, was about to be born he forcefully kept all the grahas in the most favorable astrological position. 

The Demigods (Devas) were worried that if Ravana’s son was born in a favourable astrological position, he will be undefeatable. So the Devas asked all the grahas (planets) to move from the favourable position. But they told they were unable to escape from the foot of Ravana. Shani graham or Saturn agreed to help provided he was able to glance upon Ravana’s face. 

There is a popular belief that Shani Drishti, or Shani’s glance, is as deadly as his position. Shani is believed to cast an evil eye and this causes deep trouble. 

The Devas took the help of Saint Narada to achieve Shani Drishti. Saint Narada reached the palace of Ravana and saw Shani and other planets under the feet of Ravana. Saint Narada praised Ravana’s victory over the grahas and said that he should stamp on their chest and this is true symbol of victory and not on their back as he is doing now. 

Ravana agreed to Narada’s observation and immediately got the planets turned up. As Shani turned up, his glance fell on Ravana’s face and this kick-started his hardships. 

To take revenge on Shani, Ravana kept him in a tiny prison that had no opening so that no one will again see Shani’s face. But Ravana knew that Shani was not a child which could be imprisoned in a small cage. So what he did was tied up shani above a Shiv linga in such a way that if he tried of escape he would had have to step on it. Shani being a devotee and student to Lord Shiva did not do that. 

Hanuman wanted to know what sufferings he will have to face. Shani explained that first I will come upon on your head and this will make you leave your home, wife and sons and go about suffering. 

Hanuman said that Shani can definitely come upon his head as he has no family and his abode is at the feet of Lord Ram. 

Shani took refuge on Hanuman’s head. Hanuman then began to fight the demons that chased him in Lanka. In the process Hanuman began to head heavy boulders, trees and rocks. He crushed huge rocks with his head and Shani was getting hurt and suffering in the process. 

Finally, Shani got away from Hanuman’s head and said that you are the only one who will have no effect of inauspiciousness. I cannot trouble you. Since you have saved me from Ravana’s prison I would like to give you a boon. 

As the boon, Hanuman asked Lord Shani not trouble or cast evil eye on his devotees. Lord Shani promised not to trouble or cause hardships to Hanuman devotees.

Jai Sri Ram

Friday, August 2, 2013

The meaning within the word HANUMAN

If we want to cultivate divine qualities, then we must take refuge in Hanuman ji. The meaning of the four letters in the word Hanuman, i.e. Ha, nu, ma and na. 

1. Ha – stand for the affirmative attitude towards life i.e. being positive 

2. Nu – here is taken from ‘nuksan’ i.e. harm one should not harm anybody. 

3. Ma – taken from ‘maan’ i.e. pride. What more pride than getting the human form in this very birth. 

4. Na – stand for namrata i.e. humility, being humble. 

Thus, a person who is humble, who is not looking for recognition and does not think ill of anybody and always has a positive outlook will find in himself the cultivation of divine qualities.

Jai Sri Ram